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Apple releases mid-2015 MacBook Pro firmware update 1.0 to fix flash storage issue

For owners of the MacBook Pro that was released in mid-2015, which features the Force Touch trackpad, Apple has a new firmware update available.

Apple today released a firmware update 1.0 for the mid-2015 MacBook Pro that’s meant to address issues with the flash storage. Apple aims to prevent any data corruption that some owners may have already experienced:

This update is recommended for MacBook Pro (mid 2015) models. This update addresses a storage firmware issue that, in rare cases, may cause data corruption.“

Those that own the necessary hardware can install the new software through the Mac App Store, or go through the source link below to download it directly from Apple’s support page.

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Tim Cook says Apple Watch sales ‘exceeded expectations’

The July 21 third quarter earnings report didn’t showcase any specific Apple Watch sales, and the conference call afterwards didn’t shed any firm numbers, either, but the hints were certainly there.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, spoke in brief parts about the Watch, not giving away anything specific just yet (if ever) regarding Apple’s wearable, but for those that were trying to figure out just how well the Watch has done since its launch in April, there were some hints to take notice of.

According to Cook, Apple Watch sales have “exceeded expectations” so far, and noted several times that demand for the wearable outstripped availability for quite some time after availability was opened up. In fact, that supply trailed demand until the very end of the quarter, according to Cook. He added that he feels “really great” about how well the Watch has been doing.

Cook also noted that initial sales of the Watch exceeded sales of the original iPhone and iPad back when those products first became available, too.

It’s worth noting that Apple does include the Watch within its “Other Services” category, where the likes of the Apple TV reside, for instance, and that specific category saw a big boost this quarter. Specifically, that category saw $2.6 billion in revenue, up from the $1.7 billion in revenue that the category received in the second quarter of 2015. Cook, for his part, said that “it would not be inaccurate” to look at the sequential change year-over-year and infer that that’s the Apple Watch revenue making a large chunk of that. That would suggest the Watch’s revenue is around $1 billion or higher.

Cook added that Watch sales were higher in June than they were in April and May. It would be hard to ignore that shipping dates for the Watch variants were relatively quick in June, so it would appear that many buyers were waiting until they didn’t have to wait weeks and weeks to get their device after their purchase.

There’s no real doubt that the Apple Watch has been selling quite well, and Cook even noted that customer satisfaction is quite high for the wearable, so the device is proving quite lucrative for the company.

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Now Apple is officially friends with Facebook, iTunes Ping set for chop

Now Apple is officially friends with Facebook, iTunes Ping set for chop

Apple has decided to pull the plug on its iTunes Ping social networking experiment, according to reports.

The company annoyed the bejesus out of Facebook when it launched the service in September of 2010, beginning a period of frosty relations between the tech giants.

However, Ping, which encourages users to follow their favourite artists and keep track of what their pals are listening to and buying on iTunes, has failed to lure the massive customer base.

Now Apple is finally embracing Facebook with full integration in iOS 6, to sit alongside the baked-in Twitter functionality, it seems the company is happy to let the big two do the talking for them.

Gone in iTunes 11

AllThingsD reckons Ping, which currently exists within iTunes 10.6.3 and is a non-functioning feature within the iOS 6 Beta, will be gone when iTunes 11 and iOS 6 launch in full later this year.

During a recent interview at the site’s D10 conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted that Ping had failed to connect with the public.

He said: “We tried Ping, and I think the customer voted and said ‘This isn’t something that I want to put a lot of energy into.’”

That sounds like a man who, in this particular instance, is ready to admit defeat doesn’t it?

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iOS 6 Already Jailbroken

iOS 6 Already Jailbroken

That was quick! It has hardly been 24 hours since iOS 6 was seeded to developers of iOS Developer Program and we’ve news that it has been successfully jailbroken.
MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev team has just tweeted that he has jailbroken his iPod touch 4G running iOS 6 beta.

Apple had unveiled the latest version of their mobile operating system at the WWDC Keynote yesterday, which includes over 200 new features such as an all-new Maps app, Facebook Integration, improvements to Siri.

Here’s his tweet:

Here’s ioreg of my tethered-JB ipt4g 6.0: things including Cydia are broken, don’t expect beta JB for a while!

This is great news for jailbreakers. However, users should hold off installing iOS 6 beta as we don’t expect the jailbreak community to release jailbreak tools for beta versions of iOS 6.

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Apple quietly launches new Mac Pro

Apple quietly launches new Mac Pro

The new Apple product announcements didn’t end with the WWDC keynote. The company has also rolled out a new Mac Pro desktop computer.

And you can see why Apple chose note to dedicate precious minutes during the lengthy, which included new MacBook Air models, MacBook Pro models and a Retina Display next generation MacBook Pro.

The new desktop titans remain mightily impressive, but it’s only a minor spec bump. The basic model now features a 3.2GHz quad-core Xoen processor, 6GB RAM and a 1TB hard-drive.

Further up the scale, the processor is upped to a pair of 2.4GHz six-core processors, which comes with a whopping 12GB RAM and the same 1TB hard-drive.

If you want to go for the Mac Pro Server edition, you’ll get s 3.2GHz quad-core Xeon chip with 8GB RAM and two 1TB hard-drives.

Slight spec bump

So what we really have is a speed increase and very little else.

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Apple finally launches rear-protecting Smart Cover for iPad

Apple finally launches rear-protecting Smart Cover for iPad

It has taken a while, but Apple has finally launched a version of its Smart Cover that protects the rear of the iPad.

The new sheath, which will fit iPad 2 and 3, appreared on the Apple Store when it re-launched after WWDC and features a polyurethane back plate to prevent scratches and minor dings.

The case comes in six different shades (light and dark gray, blue, green, pink, and red) and, naturally, features the same folding methods that allow a number of viewing and typing-friendly positions.

If you want a little extra protection, as well as the magnetic sleep-and-awake mechanism, you’ll need to fork out £39.99 ($49.99). However, it does come with free laser engraving. Whoop.

WWDC overflow

Unsurprisingly the Smart Cover reveal wasn’t deemed important enough for a mention during a bumper, fast-paced, yet almost excruciatingly long keynote address at this year’s WWDC.

Apple fans were greeted with new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models and a brand new hyrid next generation MacBook Pro category, which also brings a Retina Display into the mix.

On the software side of things, we saw the full Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion software revealed, as well as the first look at iOS 6, complete with Facebook integration and a brand new homebrewed Maps app.

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In Depth: iOS 6: everything you need to know

In Depth: iOS 6: everything you need to know

iOS 6: what you need to know

iOS 6, the latest generation of Apple’s mobile software for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, has finally been unveiled – and from what we’ve seen so far, it’s going to delight an awful lot of iOS users.

From badly-kept secrets to things that have been on wishlists for what seems like forever, here are the highlights.

iOS 6 introduces Passbook

Passbook is Apple’s new e-tickets app, enabling you to carry electronic tickets for anything from sports events to plane travel, or to have a digital loyalty card. The tickets update too, so for example your airline ticket would send you a notification once your departure gate was announced or changed. Hopefully enough firms will support this one to make it work for all our everyday bits and bobs.

iOS 6 has an improved phone app

The revised phone app offers smart reminders, so for example you can reject a call with a message saying you’re busy, on your way, lost in a forest… You can also be reminded to call someone back when you leave your current location. The new Do Not Disturb mode is particularly nifty: when new messages arrive, they do so silently and without the screen lighting up. If you wish, you can also tell your iPhone not to silence calls from a list of favourite callers, or to automatically silent repeat calls from the same person.

iOS 6 has Facetime over 3G

To tell the truth, we’re amazed it took so long. If this takes off, the mobile operators will be very sad. Unless we use it abroad, in which case they’ll be dancing on great big piles of our money.

iOS 6 has a brand new Safari app

There are lots of useful improvements here: Instapaper-style offline reading, iCloud tab syncing and photo sharing website integration to make uploading less hassle. Less wonderfully, Smart App Banners enable websites to tell you about their sodding iOS apps more easily, which is just brilliant. Who among us hasn’t thought, “man! I wish more websites told me about their iOS app on each visit!”?

iOS 6 Mail has VIPs and pull to refresh

Pull to refresh is here! Yay! You can also create a list of VIPs whose messages will appear on your device’s lock screen and in a dedicated, separate mailbox. Sharing photos or videos from within Mail is finally here too, as are per-account signatures.

iOS 6 photo sharing is more selective

Instead of sharing everything with everyone, you can choose which photos should be shared with which people. We’re not sure why you’d use this rather than, say, put a friends-only album on Facebook or Flickr. Anyone?

iOS 6 makes Siri more serious, and puts it in cars

Siri is able to understand a wider range of questions than before – the demo showed it understanding questions about sports scores, statistics and trivia, booking restaurants and finding out what’s worth seeing at the cinema – but as yet it’s unclear which, if any, of these features will make it to the UK. Local search is being rolled out worldwide, however, and there’s support for more languages.

Siri is also going mobile: the new Eyes Free feature will put a Siri button on the steering wheel of Jaguars, Land Robers, BMWs, Mercs, Toyotas, Chryslers, Hondas, Audis and GM cars. The manufacturers have promised to support the feature in the next 12 months.

iOS 6 brings Siri to the iPad

…but only the new iPad.

iOS 6 has Facebook integration

Apple promises “the best Facebook integration ever in a mobile device”, and to our eyes it looks pretty much the same as iOS 5′s Twitter integration: you can post photos, locations, URLs and so on to annoy your friends. The API is public, so non-Apple apps can share to Facebook too, and you’ll be able to see your Facebook friends’ App Store recommendations.

iOS 6 has guided access for children

The new Guided Access feature enables you to disable certain parts of the screen so that children can’t accidentally hit the wrong buttons. We’re going to use it on the in-app purchase icons in every kid-targeted iOS game. Hahah!

iOS 6 has a new Maps app

New York, London, Paris, Munich, everybody’s talking about – iOS 6 maps! Well, maybe not, but Apple’s much-rumoured mapping system finally breaks cover. It’s pretty, will have traffic information, doubles as a sat-nav system with turn-by-turn navigation, can be controlled via Siri and will probably be rubbish outside major metropolitan areas in the UK. Still, the new Flyover 3D views of major cities are lovely.

iOS 6 should be adopted very quickly

Unlike other mobile operating systems, iOS isn’t dependent on mobile operators approving updates: as a result 80% of Apple’s 365 million iOS customers are using the latest iOS, compared to 7% of Android users. Once iOS ships, expect a similarly speedy take-up.

iOS 6 doesn’t work on everything

iOS 6 supports iPhones from the 3GS onwards, the fourth generation iPod touch and the second and third generation iPad. Check our story for more on iOS 6 compatibility.

The iOS 6 release date is Autumn

iOS 6 was released as a beta today, but the final version will ship in “this Fall”.

Previous iOS 6 rumours

Here are the rumours we reported on before the WWDC 2012 announcement.

What hasn’t been certain is what will be involved in the new platform – but we’ve sifted through the upcoming releases to see what’s likely to appear, whether you’ll be getting it and more importantly: the iOS 6 release date.

iOS 6 launch

If Apple doesn’t release the new iOS 6 platform for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch this evening (spotted by T3), we’ll be gobsmacked – and it will have wasted loads of money on all these signs.

iOS 6 unveiling

So, we can probably expect to see the ‘world’s most advanced mobile operating system’ unveiled at WWDC…

iOS 6 maps

Apple iOS MapsIf you were a gambling type of person and had a very tech-savvy bookie, we’d recommend you pop a few dollar on this: Apple bringing out its own mapping application.

Not only has Apple acquired C3 3D mapping firm last year, but it also snapped up the likes of Placebase and Poly9, both companies involved in the same space – and moving into the mapping space would give Apple a fantastic leg up in the location-based services that are getting more and more popular every year.

The fact Google is launching its own ‘next dimension’ of Google Maps imminently is unlikely to be a coincidence, further backing up the rumour that Apple and Google are set to dissolve their partnership on the mobile side of things.

Facebook integration

There are strong, strong rumblings that Facebook is going to do what Twitter did with iOS 5 – namely, become more of an integral part of the iOS 6 experience.

TechCrunch is stating that integration with Zuckerberg’s creation is a ‘go’ for the new release, but details of how far that integration will permeate through the iExperience are still vague.

What’s most likely is being able to quickly share photos to Facebook from the Photo app in the same way as Twitter – whether Apple takes the next step and allows features like autosharing, contact integration or offline access to Facebook albums remains to be seen.

Either way, it’s a massive coup for Facebook as it looks to get more involved in the mobile space – perhaps this can stop the pesky rumours of a forthcoming Facebook phone.

Siri coming to the iPad

We were verging on the gobsmacked when the new iPad 3 didn’t launch with Siri – instead we got the less-exciting Voice Dictation instead.

iOS 6

However, according to 9to5Mac the experience will be massively improved by adding in all the functionality of Siri on the iPhone 4S (minus the phone business), allowing instant search, music control and more by a simple long-press of the home button.

But how will it look? According to the same sources, the app won’t run in full screen, instead popping up from the bottom of the display to show you the information you requested.

Which, let’s face it, will quickly be setting alarms and timers and the odd voice search when you’ve heard certain questions evoke comedic responses from Siri.

Enhanced email and Do Not Disturb

OS X Mountain Lion seems to be something of an inspiration for the forthcoming release of iOS 6, with a couple of sensible features likely to be added, so says a 9to5Mac source.

The first is VIP Mail, which allows you to tag the key people you talk to most (or your boss) and make sure their mail is front and centre when you pop open the Mail app.

This is the same system we’ve seen within HTC Sense and work very nicely, especially as you’re able to group your contacts accordingly.

It’s also an automatic feature in Google Mail these days, and as such we’d now expect it from Apple too.

The other is Do Not Disturb: allowing you to turn off notifications when you’re looking to do things like run full screen apps or just not bother with getting bugged on the way home.

Whether it will be offered to become part of apps’ design remains to be seen – or if users will have to toggle it manually.

iCloud Tabs

In the same way that Android has live synchronisation to the Chrome Browser, Apple apparently wants to repeat the trick with iOS 6 and Mountain Lion, which will be a simple synchronised list of opened tabs between the devices.

The button will be kept in the Bookmarks toolbar to give access to the relevant tabs – but whether the feature will be available for users of Safari on other non-Apple devices is still uncertain.

Live icons?

This is a biggie, and would be the equivalent of the notifications bar coming to iOS 5 – basically bringing one of the best bits of Android to the Apple mobile OS.

So it makes sense that Apple could look to Windows Phone’s Live Tiles and think: ‘we’ll have a bit of that’.

We’ve spoken to a number of UI designers from the Android and Windows Phone camps who have criticised the way Apple’s icons are pictures of information waiting to be opened, rather than the picture itself.

Of course, Apple has always been about simplicity, and app icons that change too frequently might confuse some users, but the option to make some apps more widget-like would appease the legions of iFans that have looked on with quiet envy at their friends’ Android devices.

iOS 6 release date

The iOS 6 release date is still very much up in the air – but some sites are claiming it will be as late as autumn, which plays very much into a mooted iPhone 5 release date of October.

However, it’s unlikely Apple will wait that long to launch something it announces in June (especially when iPad and iPhone users will have ready-to-use devices), so expect the iOS 6 release date to be somewhere in July or August… and the chances of seeing an iPhone 5 then don’t look too outlandish either.

Of course, if you’re running the older Apple hardware (and by that we mean iPhone 3GS and older, plus probably the first iPad) you won’t get access to the new iOS 6 if previous form is anything to go by.

Update: it seems you lucky 3GS owners are getting a reprieve – here’s hoping Apple has at least optimised the new platform so you’re not subject to terrible slowdown.

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